Trucking Financial Projection Template
Originally published: 07/10/2020 15:41
Last version published: 29/10/2020 21:29
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Trucking Financial Projection Template

A financial projection template built specifically for TRUCKING

This template will help you build projections for your business. Here’s how it works:
1) You download the unlocked Excel file.
2) You fill out your business information on several input tabs:
a. The revenue model has two categories of revenue: dedicated routes and over-the-road / spot freight. The model helps you determine potential revenue by estimating your number of drivers and number of miles per day per driver. From there, you can set your revenue per mile for each type of route, and you can also set your costs per mile (driver pay, fuel, etc). The model will project revenue and direct expenses for you for five years. The predicted values will be automatically carried to the financial statements.
b. You will be guided to enter monthly expenses in the operating expense model, which includes some suggested line items and amounts to help you get started. This model will populate the expenses and cash flows on the financial statements for you. You can enter your monthly expenses as fixed amounts or you can set them on a per driver or per mile basis. The first three months of the model are broken out separately so that you can enter start-up expenses.
c. The general assumptions model will guide you to enter your predicted asset purchase timeline. For each asset (truck, equipment, etc), you can enter the purchase date, purchase price, and individual financing assumptions such as down payment, loan amount, payment period, etc. Our model will calculate the cash flows for you, as well as interest expense and depreciation.
d. The salaries model helps calculate monthly expenses for salaried employees, including items like employer taxes and benefits.
3) The model automatically updates several output tabs:
a. The At-A-Glance tab shows you a financial snapshot in the form of graphs, charts, ratios, and financial summaries, all ready to be copied into a pitch deck.
b. There are six Financial Statement tabs: the annual formats of the income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet, and the month-by-month breakdowns of the same financial statements. Our balance sheets always balance, automatically.
c. The Investor Dashboard tab enables you, a lender, or an investor to see the effect of changing several of the main assumptions of the revenue model (spend per customer, for example). This tab presents the income statement from your model and a special, modified income statement that updates as you change the major assumptions. This enables you to see how sensitive your model is to certain variables without changing the data you already filled out.
4) If you need help, we’re here. We can fill out or modify any of the templates we sell, and we’re always happy to answer questions. When you call us, you can speak directly to the developers of the model, not a call center or customer service representative.
If the model doesn’t work for you, we’re happy to provide a refund. You can send us a message on our Channel.

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Template to create a financial projection for TRUCKING

Startup and existing TRUCKING business seeking investment or loan funding


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  • Mario Montag
    Hi. Thanks for the video. I would like to know if the cells are locked or if I can modify this Excel template easily to add new rows as my expenses and other categories grow.
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    • Adam Hoeksema
      The cells are not locked, so you would be able to edit the Excel template as much as you want. Of course you would want to be careful when changing things that you don't impact other parts of the spreadsheet. Particularly you would want to check the balance sheet and make sure that it continues to balance as you add or take away from the core template.
      arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
    • Diante Curlee
      Would the developers be able to change the pay structure? For example, instead of paying so much per mile, I would like to pay based on a percentage of the total haul. Can that be done?
      arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
    • Rich Shelor
      I am interested in this proforma - are you still available in to assist with just general questions? Thank you
      arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
      • Adam Hoeksema
        Absolutely! Happy to help!
        arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
        • Rich Shelor
          Ok, great! I am purchasing now and would also like to connect on linkedin. Thank You-
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