Effective Meetings for Management Consultants & Analysts
Originally published: 14/12/2020 22:00
Publication number: ELQ-74442-1
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Effective Meetings for Management Consultants & Analysts

During consulting projects you will be doing plenty of interviews and meetings. I will show you how you ca do them.

During consulting projects, you will be doing plenty of interviews and meetings. At the beginning, you may find them very stressful and challenging, especially, when you have to talk with directors, managers that are much older than you, and that have much bigger experience than you. Luckily, there are a lot of interesting techniques that will help you conduct efficiently interviews and meetings during consulting projects.
In this course, I will show you different tips and methods that will help you achieve your goals. Thanks to this course you will learn the following things:
1. How to prepare and conduct initial interviews during consulting projects
2. How to conduct regular meetings
3. How to make sure that your final presentation is a success
4. How to conduct implementation and internal meetings during consulting projects
Most consulting firms and universities don’t devote much attention to softer skills related to conducting and managing meetings. Management Consultants also experience some problems due to the big age difference. Most of the people you will have to talk to during consulting projects, are much older than you. Not having the right skills in this area may mean that you will spend too much time on meetings and the quality of data may be low. That’s why I have decided to put the best practices when it comes to interviewing and conducting meetings into this presentation.

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