Abacus Solar & Wind Debt Sculpting Financial Model
Originally published: 23/07/2020 08:52
Last version published: 13/11/2020 09:06
Publication number: ELQ-46221-3
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Abacus Solar & Wind Debt Sculpting Financial Model

Free, debt sculpting financial model for solar, wind, and other renewable energy and PPP transactions.

Abacus is a bankable, easy-to-use, debt-sculpting financial model for use in renewable (solar, wind, etc.) energy as well as PPP transactions. Under the open-source model, it is free to use and modify.

Project finance transactions, especially utility-scale, require a highly-detailed financial model. Abacus provides cash flow analysis on a monthly basis, helping maximize debt financing and IRRs, and uncover cash flow issues that may arise from seasonal or intermittent revenues and expenses. Abacus includes fully-linked financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement), and over a dozen built-in error checks to guard against unintended mistakes. It also includes two easy-to-use macros which can 1) sculpt project debt to a target debt service coverage ratio (DSCR), and 2) maximize debt used against maximum leverage and minimum DSCR inputs. Abacus also provides summary information ready for presentations to financing parties, including charts, IRR, DSCR, LLCR, and other metrics, as well as quarterly and annual financial statements.


- Introduction
- Inputs - all inputs are on this single worksheet
- Scenario Analysis - create multiple scenarios to test the model
- Summary - a helpful dashboard of all project details
- Quarterly Financial Statements
- Annual Financial Statements
- Calculations - all calculations are performed on this single worksheet
- Custom - allows for users to add custom calculations easily into the model*
- Changelog

*Latest version includes calculations for U.S. MACRS depreciation and Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

We welcome all suggestions, comments, improvements, or feature requests that would make Abacus more helpful for energy developers!

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Further information

Serve as a template for solar and wind energy transactions, across many jurisdictions.

Utility-scale and commercial solar PV, wind, and other PPP transactions requiring a sculpted debt amortization profile.

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