Stock Transfer Form Template
Originally published: 23/11/2017 16:02
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Stock Transfer Form Template

A pre-made, ready to fill in template that is used to transfer shares to a new shareholder from an existing shareholder

This document is a standard stock transfer form that you can easily fill in. It can be used for a UK Ltd company when an existing shareholder transfers the shares to a new shareholder.

In order to fill out the form, details of the consideration need to be filled out first. If this cannot be filled out, simply put 'Nil'. Where the document asks for the 'name of the Undertaking', enter the name of the organisation which the shares relate to. For the description of security, you will need to fill out the class and amount of shares that are being transferred. Then simply enter the name, address and details of the registered holder who is making the transfer.

Either one of certificates 1 and 2 on the second page need to be filled in by the transferor. If there is no consideration, or anything below £1,000, then there is no need to send the form to HMRC for stamping.

Usually, once the payment has been made, the stock transfer form will be completed by the transferor and sent to the transferee along with the share certificate. If transactions are large, this will normally be managed by solicitors and there will be a detailed share purchase agreement. A stamp duty of 0.5% is paid by the transferee and the organisation will update the details of the new shareholder.

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