• How To Get More Clients
  • How To Get More Clients
  • How To Get More Clients
  • How To Get More Clients
Originally published: 03/01/2018 14:43
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How To Get More Clients

Adam Erhart explains in a simple 7 step process how you can obtain more customers for your business.

This video explains in a 7 step process how you can generate more clients and customers for your business. The points covered are as follows:

1. You must have a plan. Getting a consistent stream of customers coming through in the long term is impossible without some sort of plan.

2. Have an idea of what your ideal customer looks like. Try to define them accurately so that you're able to market your product to them appropriately.

3. Locate your ideal customer on the internet AND in reality. This doesn't mean like a stalker. It means finding out where you're going to find them so that you can deliver your message. In reality, this could be at clubs, coffee shops, or restaurants. Online, this will be on specific social medias or on websites in which they hold an interest.

4. Differentiation. You have to be unique to stand out from the crowd and ensure that your message is heard.

5. Offer value. The only way to obtain and maintain clients is to provide value upfront and consistently supply it.

6. Teach. When you teach others, you will muster a level of respect, people will appreciate you, and you will prove that you are knowledgeable about the topic.

7. Aim to become an Authority. Business becomes a lot easier when you are seen to be an Authority, an expert, or a guru within your industry. You can learn more about this strategy here: adamerhart.com/authority

Length: 4 minutes 43 seconds

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