The Dynamic Business Plan - Steps to start a small business
Originally published: 05/02/2018 14:00
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The Dynamic Business Plan - Steps to start a small business

The Dynamic Business Plan is an 140-page e-book in PDF. It describes in plain language how to start a small business.

The book will take you through the 9 business issues all entrepreneurs must consider before starting a business:

- Personal Resources you give your startup
- Describing Your Product or Service
- Description of the Market – who are your customers?
- Sales and Marketing – how to get in contact with customers?-
Organizing Your Company Developing Your Business
- Budget - Estimating Your Costs and Income
- Financing - Where to Find the Money?
- Business Concept – why do you start a business?

When reflecting on and understanding the business plan information, you will be able to write your own business plan — with the help of the business plan template - also available on this web site

The author is Mr. Mogens Thomsen. It is not wrong to call him an expert in advising entrepreneurs and dissemination of entrepreneurial knowledge. More than 10,000 hours have been spent on it.

Hundreds of personal advice sessions, lectures and teaching form the background for his published books, websites, start guides and apps.

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