How To Optimize Sales Performance with an ROI-Focused Sales Process
Originally published: 28/05/2018 14:06
Publication number: ELQ-33080-1
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How To Optimize Sales Performance with an ROI-Focused Sales Process

46 slide PowerPoint presentation detailing how you can optimize your sales performance

This PowerPoint presentation offers an extensive overview of how you can optimize your sales performance with an ROI-Focussed sales process. This presentation includes 46 detailed slides, giving you an in depth analysis of how to tackle the sales process.

The presentation is broken down into 7 key parts:

- Getting Your Market in Order
- Developing Sales Momentum
- Qualifying the Opportunity
- Building Trust and Offering New Ideas
- Creating the Value Proposition
- Building the Winning Business Case
- Closing the Sale

As such, this presentation offers a detailed walk through of the whole sales process, right from the market analysis to the closing of the sale.

Using this step by step guide will help you to:

A) Find potential leads
B) Convert leads
C) Nurture leads into opportunities
D) Close the sale

This guide covers the whole of the sales process and will help you to optimize your sales process, attain more leads, and ultimately, make more sales.

This model is equally accessable for all types of enterprise, whether it be a small or large business. The approaches to sales that are outlined in this process are universal and can be applied successfully in most business contexts.

You will be able to get a clear idea of what and who exactly makes up your target market, who can then be targeted as leads and converted into sales.

Ultimately, this is a thorough outline of the whole sales process that will help you right through from lead acquisition to closing sales.

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