Cryptocurrency Real-time Price Tracker in Excel
Originally published: 24/01/2018 14:06
Publication number: ELQ-70497-1
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Cryptocurrency Real-time Price Tracker in Excel

Real-time Cryptocurrency price-tracker that is connected to worldcoinindex website that updates the price each minute.

This document is used to keep track of your cryptocurrency coins in Excel. It is connected to the worldcoinindex website that updates the price of the coins every minute. There is a dropdown box included for coin selection with 100 types of coin. This is an easy-to-use spreasheet in excel that does not contain any VBA/Macros or viruses. A calculator and converter is also included.

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  • Niall Stack
    Hello, the excel sheet you made is excellent.... However the correct coin prices are not showing up on the excel sheet... Is there any way for me to correct this? An example would be that Stellar Lumen are showing up as worth only $0.02 when they are worth $0.196
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    • Anthony Sef
      I want it updated every second
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      • Cheech
        How is the sale of a coin entered and tracked?
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