Open Position Progress Report
Originally published: 27/08/2018 07:38
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Open Position Progress Report

The purpose of this report is to measure and visualize the number of Open Positions based on the TTH.

The Open Position Progress Report is an essential tool used by HR to measure and visualize the progress of the number of current and past job openings using the TTH (Time to Hire) calculation.

It provides a clear overview on the evolution of the recruitment performance level in a company, and it can be easily adapted to all type of organization, from a global perspective to area or department levels.

This is a useful recruitment metric because it can help you identify if and when your hiring processes might be slow.

You can measure this recruitment metric in a total number of days. If you want more in-depth understanding, you can also break it down in following ways:

the time between when a candidate first makes contact and when they are hired
the time it takes for the candidate to actually start the role
average time to hire a number of different positions
differences in time to hire between different positions

While this recruiting metric may first seem like it won’t provide any valuable information, it is still wise to keep track on it. Having a high number of open positions could mean that:

- there is high demand or low supply of labor

- your business is under-performing or you have low retention rates

- your business is experiencing growth

You can track this recruiting metric across time to identify seasonal patterns. Larger organizations can analyze by the department to better determine recruitment budgets.

Also, it completes perfectly the Time to Hire (TTH) report and help to build a more complete dashboard.

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To measure the progress of the number of Open Positions using the Time to Hire ratio.

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