Cold Press Juice Bar & Cafe Excel Financial Model Template
Originally published: 23/01/2019 09:05
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Cold Press Juice Bar & Cafe Excel Financial Model Template

Financial Projected Model of a Cold Press Juice Bar and Cafe Business

If you are a running a health and nutrition oriented business which involves running a physical store and offering catering services, then this model can guide you with the financial feasibility of your business.

This model is specifically targets cold pressed juices, nut milk, elixirs and catering services. If you are starting a similar business and looking to model the financials, in order to test the feasibility and at the same time present them to investors, then this model is certainly going to provide you flexibility and deep insight to achieve your goal.

The model can be used by:
a. Consultants
b. Accountants
c. Entrepreneurs
d. PE Companies

1. Revenue Build Up: Based on the number of orders on a monthly basis for 60 months (5 years
2. Staffing: Nutritionist, Dietician
3. Pricing: Based on per bottle for juices and elixirs and per service for catering service

1. Approach Used,
2. Revenue Assumptions
3. Startup Expenses
4. Expenses
6. P&L (Profit & Loss)
7. B/S (Balance Sheet)
8. Cash Flow

What this tool has:
1 - User Guide
2 - Approach Used
3 - Revenue Assumptions
4 - Staffing
5 - BEP
6 - Business Valuation

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase this excel financial model and provide me with your feedback.

Note: If you are looking for a customized model, please message me on Eloquens here:

- Yash

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