Easy Home Budget
Originally published: 31/01/2020 11:37
Last version published: 26/03/2020 14:00
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Easy Home Budget

Easy Home Budget will have you in control of your household budget in minutes!

The Easy Home Budget is all about making household budgeting fun. Gauges update as you plan your budget and update your expenses. You instantly get a sense of when to slow down and when you can speed up.

Plan Your Spending
Plan your budget using a "wants versus needs" analysis. If you hit Reduce or eliminate spending in those "want" areas to make more room for the things you "need" to spend money on. Fine tune expense budgets until you reach your savings goal.

Throughout the month,  enter your spending against your targeted budget. If you find that you are going over budget, determine where you can decrease your spending in other areas.

You may find that you need to increase your budget in one or more particular areas and lower your budget in other areas. If you want to keep the budget as a goal, you can just take greater care about how much you continue to spend in that category. The key is balancing your budget to achieve your savings goal.

All entries are made on the dashboard so that the impact of each change can be instantly visualized. Descriptions and expense categories can be customized if needed.

Have fun, eliminate stress and achieve your goals with the Easy Home Budget!

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