Line Checklist Report Excel Template
Originally published: 16/07/2019 07:43
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Line Checklist Report Excel Template

This Excel template can be used to check if production line is OK.

This Excel template includes the participants that will participate for the audit of the line.
7 departments are included, each department have a space to sign the document.
In the template can be added tasks for each departments that has to be finished in order the line to be released for serial production.

To the end of each department is the status of that department, in which you can clearly see if the tasks are finished or not, next to the "STATUS" column is a percentage column which shows the finished work for each department in percentage(means, less than 80% the column becomes RED automatically, between 80 % and 90% the column becomes YELLOW automatically, and for more than 90% the column is GREEN).

To the right of each department field you can find a "OK/NOK" column filled with check boxes, the check boxes behind have a formula which is connected to the STATUS field, if you uncheck the check box the STATUS column will decrease, if you check the check box you status column will increase, this is applied also to the progress bar to the end of the file. So everything is automatically.

To the end of the file is a progress bar that measures in percentage the work that is finished by each department and a legend which shows if the line can be approved or not.

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