Optimized protocol for cell transduction with episomal LV
Originally published: 30/03/2018 15:01
Publication number: ELQ-65656-1
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Optimized protocol for cell transduction with episomal LV

Optimized protocol for in vitro short term expression in dividing cells.

Episomal Lentiviral Vectors can be used for transient expression in dividing cells or long term expression in non-dividing cells without the limits inherent to the integration of the vector. They are of particular interest when they have to carry transgene that can be potentially toxic to the host cell, like genome editing tools for example (Cas9, Cre ...).
However given their non-integrative nature, expression can be lower than with conventional LV. That is why you need optimzied transduction conditions, in order to get the best of the vector.
This tool details three protocols: one standard protocol that can be used for basic experiments; the second protocol is optimized to bring higher expression levels, but is not recommended for sensitive cells; the last protocol is adapted for sensitive cells and decreases risks of toxicity.

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