Buy - Finance lease - Outsourcing Scenarios Model
Originally published: 24/05/2021 08:59
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Buy - Finance lease - Outsourcing Scenarios Model

Which is the best scenario ? Buy - Finance lease - Outsourcing ?

Case study and real figures explain which is the best scenario for construction company.

This is a great tool for owners/CFOs of the construction business and other from companies that need frequently to acquire assets vehicles, Machines and heavy and specialized construction tools for projects.

Finance Lease is one of methods to acquire assets and a lot of companies can't get the best deal with leasing companies ; They didn't allow to know what is the interest rate that approved at leasing contract
This Practice will clarify how to calculate the interest rate at leasing and as a result of this you will catch the best deal from leasing companies.

Also you will approach to fair value at the market
and the impact of each scenario on Profit and loss statement (P&L) and Balance sheet (BS).
- Scenarios
1/ Buy
2/ Outsourcing
3/ Finance Lease

You will check closely the standard of finance lease and what is the reason to put this standard on agenda to create it to stop manipulation and fraud
Companies present its financial data financial position FB and Profit or loss statement P / L to the bank and venture capitalist and ignore liabilities which is off balance sheet.

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To help CFO, GM, CEO, and Others who are interested to know which is the best scenario at acquiring assets for profit and operation and also what is the implicit interest rate that leasing companies defined and companies can't know this rate which is unknown for the company (Implicit)


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