Employee Onboarding PowerPoint Presentation
Originally published: 14/02/2022 16:00
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Employee Onboarding PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation discusses principles of Onboarding to reassure new employees, help them form relationships with peers, and increase their engagement.

The single most pressing challenge for an organization in this knowledge economy is attracting and retaining talented people. This can be a make or break challenge for the organization.

Starting on the right foot is absolutely essential to overcoming this challenge. Organizations, particularly HR, need to have an effective Onboarding process. In order to accomplish this, present-day HR needs to be clear regarding the challenges of modern-day Onboarding and establish an onboarding process that yields a rewarding experience for the employees.

This presentation provides an overview of the 4 core principles to onboarding that provides employees a chance to make a renewed beginning in a fresh social situation and offers them a unique opening towards individuality and to be seen as the person they are when they are at their authentic best:

1. Avoid the traditional employment trap
2. Facilitate introduction to colleagues
3. Identify authentic personal strengths
4. Apply authentic personal strengths

If accomplished properly, Onboarding can mean significant gains for the organization in the short-term as well as the long-term. A fresh approach to Employee Onboarding can provide organizations a Competitive Advantage.

The slide deck also includes some slide templates for you to use in your own business presentations.

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