Free FMI Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) Mock Exam
Originally published: 03/06/2022 11:44
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Free FMI Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) Mock Exam

Free FMI Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) Mock Exam to help you prepare better.

Are you planning to take the AFM certification exam by Financial Modeling Institute? Then this is a very helpful mock exam to give a try. It is a fairly rigorous one and with a different sector than the ones in the official samples you probably have. 

With special support from my company, UrBizEdge, this is make available to you for free. We plan to create more mock exam papers. This is your chance to get this free before we switch to a bundle listing that will have price attached.

Dangote Refinery PLC (“Dangote Refinery”) is a 650,000 barrels per day refinery in Lagos, Nigeria founded by the billionaire Aliko Dangote. It is the largest refinery in Africa and serves the entire West African region with supply of vital hydrocarbons like petrol, diesel, aviation fuel, kerosine and gas liquids.
The company operates solely out of Lagos in Nigeria with no branches and sell its products through barges and pipelines.

You have been provided with three years of annual historical financial statements for Dangote Refinery. The most recent statement available to you is fiscal 2021. Your job is to build an integrated annual financial model for the Company for the next 5 years (2022-2026) by using the given historical data and the following assumptions. Assume all figures are in US dollars ($) unless stated otherwise.

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To help candidates for the Financial Modeling Institute AFM exam prepare better.

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