Time Sheet & Project Profitability Analysis Tool
Originally published: 10/06/2020 07:30
Publication number: ELQ-75159-1
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Time Sheet & Project Profitability Analysis Tool

A tool to analyse how you are converting labour hours into

People often say cash is king, but how profitable are you actually? How much time does it take you to generate that cash? Productivity and efficiency will help you generate more cash.

Tracking the time you spend on your business is a good way to analyse how you are allocating your time resource and allow you use your labour as efficiently as you deploy your hard earned money.

This is a simple time sheet tool that can be used to track time spent on particular projects and calculate the profitability of the time you are spending.

NOTE: This model includes macros which are used to start and stop the timer used in the time sheet. If you do not wish to use the macro you can edit the time sheet directly.

NOTE: All purchases entitle you to a free 1 hour consultation with us to ensure that you are able to make the most of this tool and discuss any specific requirements you might have.

- Timesheet log to record the activities being performed

-Summary page that shows the tasks performed per day and per week.

- Comparison of revenue earned to hourly cost to calculate the implied profitability of the time spent

- Ability to categorise tasks to better summarise time spent

ModelFinCo specialises in supporting clients with financial projections, investment modelling, and decision support. Our aim is to create simple and easy to use models that can provide you with robust and well thought out analytics to support your decision making. We have many years of experience working at top tier investment funds and at the Big 4 we have advised multinationals worldwide on over $10b in transactions and reorganisations and we understand the needs of busy business owners. Usability is our top priority.

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Simple Time sheet to track employee time usage and project profitability

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