Agile Futures Discovery
Originally published: 23/04/2020 14:33
Last version published: 24/04/2020 10:21
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Agile Futures Discovery

Future discovery is essential to re-imagining current strategy. We have curated an 'Agile Methodology' Best Practice.

Conducting a futures discovery can be very time consuming. We have created a fast track or "agile" option by curating sources of future related information, trend analysis and some scenario development from two professional bodies with an excellent track record in futures discovery work.

The Future Today Institute has been offering their annual research and updates on indicators, trends and scenario planning since 2006. Under the leadership of highly regarded futurist Amy Web, the publication is intended for 'personalisation' by users and serves to cut many months from those trying to approach the future on a green field basis.

The Institute for the Future has a "combinatorial" map that visualizes the relationships between key future domains. these are succinct options for future scenarios and add to the future discovery process.

Both the future expert institutions share their methodology and also provide broader service offerings.

The curated methodology does include a self help component for those who wish to conduct their own "final stage" which would be selecting own 40-50 trends for impact/uncertainty analysis and then inclusion of the major trends (with high impact) in a scenario matrix. The art of creating narratives as if one is looking back at the present from a position in the future is covered with supporting visuals.

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To fast track the complex process of future discovery.

Those wanting to review current strategy to include preferred futures, to ensure current R&D and operational activities are sufficiently focused on today and on the future.

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