E-COMMERCE - Advanced Inventory Modeling Financial Projection Template
Originally published: 06/10/2020 09:52
Last version published: 13/11/2020 22:47
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E-COMMERCE - Advanced Inventory Modeling Financial Projection Template

A financial projection template built specifically for E-COMMERCE - Advanced Inventory Modeling

Build projections for your advanced inventory modelling E-commerce business with our ready-to-use Excel Template.

How to use this template:
1) Download our fully unlocked template.
2) Enter your business’ information on these multiple input tabs:
- Revenue model helps predict your revenue on a monthly basis over a period of five years. The template determines your number of website visitors and conversion rates to predict monthly sales. You can set multiple products and categories and their sales prices and popularity. As you input your figures, your revenue and expenses are updated on the financial statement.
- Using our inventory model, the cost of good sold model helps to determine when you need to purchase inventory. Up to 10 categories of inventory can be entered, their repurchase amount and their cost. You can also factor in economies of scale.
-You are then prompted to input your expenses to the operating expense model. This populates your expenses and cash flows on your financial statements. You can input your fixed monthly expenses or input monthly expenses as a percentage of revenue for variable items, you decide. Also, as the first 3 months of the template are broken down individually, start-up expenses can be input easily.
-The general assumptions model does all the hard calculations, such as loan amortization, interest, depreciation expenses, inventory purchases etc. Simply input information such as loans, fixed assets, inventory assumptions and accounts receivable assumptions from your balance sheet and the rest is done for you.
-Calculate monthly taxes, salaries and benefits expenses with the salaries and distribution model. It also in turn enables you to plan for distributions to owners.

3) Then the template updates various output tabs automatically:
-The ‘at-a-glance’ tab shows you a snapshot of the finances via financial charts, ratios and graphs. These are ready to be used in your pitch deck.
-The financial statements tab has the income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet (which always automatically balances). Each statement also has monthly breakdowns.
-Check how sensitive your model is to changes in specific variables without altering your data with the Investor Dashboard tab. This is where your models’ income statement is displayed, along with a modified income statement that updates as you alter the main assumptions.

Need some help? Feel free to reach out to us via private message! We are happy to help with any issues and we can modify any of the templates we distribute.

If this model doesn’t work for you, let us know and we can find a solution to meet your needs.

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