Dental Practice Financial Model
Originally published: 19/08/2020 14:19
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Dental Practice Financial Model

The Perfect Model for Dental Practice Startups with all relevant inputs and tables

These days a small number of people visit state medical dentistry because of the objectionable level of services and dentists’ lack of training in public medical centers. That is the reason we see numerous amount of private dental clinics around us, and the number of dentistry increasing gradually. Even though there is oversupplied of these dental services in the market, you can achieve the finest place in it with the correct approach.

The dental services consider the highly expensive services in the field of pain medicine. According to professionals, roughly five years required for the payback of dental clinics; however, this term may increase due to the current COVID pandemic situation, which has been saturated the market in a declining manner.

This versatile dental practice financial model, designed and developed by the professionals, which will provide the assistance to compute the startup summary, detailed monthly and yearly profit and loss statement, major expenses, and KPI to measure business performance in detail. A dental practice financial model will also allow you to estimate the cost of the procedure, employee’s salaries, needs for certain services, and so on. The non-complex design and structure of this model will help the dentist and manager to determine ROI and practice inefficiencies.

On the basis of Input and sheet and Revenue Sheet, this model will automatically calculate the further projections and estimations.

Input Sheet will be based on the assumptions which are as follow:

- Investment
- Cost of Services
- Tax rate
- Employees monthly Payroll
- Capital Expenditure
- Operating Expenses

Revenue Sheet will include:

- New Patients from paid ads
- No. of an organic patient comes from word of mouth.
- Total new Patient
- No. of Active Patient
- Average Annual Spend per Patient
- Detail Revenue Analysis sheet

The Dental practice financial model contains several sheets which are as follows:

Input Sheet

Revenue Analysis Sheet

Startup Summary with Cost segmentation and Utilization Funds Chart

5-Years Detailed Monthly Profit and Loss Statement with monthly profitability chart.

5- Years Yearly outlook of Profit and Loss Statement

Balance Sheet Statement, which provides you a complete overview of the current 5- years projection of
your Assets and Liabilities and Equity Accounts.

5-years Project Evaluation, which calculates Return on Investment, Investor’s Future Equity Share, Cash Burn Rate Analysis and NPV.

Break-Even Analysis Sheet with the visual representation of Break-Even Sales per year and Contribution Margin%.

Diagnostic Tools Sheet which calculates the several KPIs and Ratio, such as Operating Expense as % of Sales, Gross Margin Percentage, and etc.

Furthermore, a Dashboard that provides you a detailed visual representation of your Dentistry’s Financial Performance.

Benefits of Using This Dental Practice Financial Model Excel Template:

Confidence in the future:
By using our Dental Practice Financial model, you can easily make effective plans, manage risk and cash flows, and project your prospects for the next five years.

Graphical Visualization:
In our Dental Practice Financial model, all necessary Calculations and estimation are visually represented on a dashboard. You don’t need to move sheets to compare data.

New Patients Acquisition:
Clinics also invest money in advertising to acquire new patients. So, you will have an advertising budget and a new patient cost of acquisition calculation fields in the template. This way, you will estimate newly acquired patients.

Retained Patients:
In the dental, medical industry, a customer only remained for a limited time only. That is why our template has a simulation of new and active patients retained and churn rate of the patient base assumptions.

Update Easily:
You can easily update your template and forecast by simply input the data in a respected sheet anytime easily.

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