Incredible Bulk Email Blast Spreadsheet
Originally published: 17/04/2020 16:09
Publication number: ELQ-72353-1
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Incredible Bulk Email Blast Spreadsheet

This tool will enable you to send emails with the same or varying attachments to a list of recipients.

Easy to use tool to send emails with varying or the same attachment to a list of recipient. Email text coding is possible. Which means that it is i.e. possible to address individuals by their first name. The tool only works with Microsoft Outlook and Windows, not compatible with Macintosh.

Ideal tool for robust email marketing, where emails don't land in spam filter as it looks like it comes from your outlook. It can be also used for managing a larger team. Very useful for real estate brokers or other marketeer who simply want to deliver information to clients and prospects and don't want to worry about emails being caught in spam filters.

Email Tab: Input List of recipients, add either individual attachments or the same attachment to recipient
Add variable such as Name or Address or add what is needed - The text can be written in the Text Tab and the Variables can be embedded in the text.
Option to either Auto send or Preview before sending. Once the email was sent the date and time the email was sent and if the recipient has received the email. Which can be useful in maintaining an up to date email list.

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