Treasury Cash Management Small System
Originally published: 15/03/2021 08:46
Publication number: ELQ-98238-1
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Treasury Cash Management Small System

Cash Management Model in Microsoft Excel to download.

A treasury management to manage daily cash flow for 365 Day by adding balances for Boxes and banks current account & overdraft (up to six banks) in addition add interest rate, high debit balance fees & Overdraft ceilings. Also, you need to configure the company name, start date, days per year, weekend start and number of days through weekend (the model will alarm you if you enter a transaction in weekend days).

Also add actual transactions as well as forecasted data into the four type of entries: -
Box journal: - Record all transaction related to boxes
Direct Cash: - Record all transaction related to banks but in direct instructions
Transfers: - Record all transaction related to cash movement between bank accounts
Cheques: - Record all Cheques

The Model will Generate a bank statement for each bank classified by movement. based on today date the model will change the color of dates which became historical and highlight today date.

Reports: -
1-Accumlated cashflow
2- Period Cashflow
3- Net Position for the six banks
4- Bank fees Analysis
5- Utilization for each bank

In Addition, there is a Dashboard to represent the results.

If you need any customized amendment on the model don't hesitate to contact me.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Model

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