Ideal CV for Management Consulting
Originally published: 15/10/2021 07:53
Publication number: ELQ-83909-1
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Ideal CV for Management Consulting

Ideal CV Template and Presentation for Management Consulting.

Getting into consulting is one of the most difficult tasks. It’s not only very selective but also quite a tough and long recruitment process. You will have at least 5 job interviews, spend on average 2-3 months in recruiting process and your chances of succeeding will be around 5-10%. I will help you significantly boost the odds in your favor.
To help you with that we have prepared an example of an ideal CV. It’s based on one of the best CVs that I have seen while recruiting for management consulting firms. It fulfills the following things:
1. Education at top universities
2. Some education abroad
3. Good grades
4. Analytical skills (studied Statistics)
5. Some work experience (at least 1 internship)
6. Good command of at least 1 foreign language
7. Experience in a student organization, especially in organizing events, managing the organization, etc.
We attach also a presentation that showcases examples of case interview questions that people get when trying to get into consulting. We also provide some additional information on the recruitment process: how it looks like, which departments/type of education is preferred, what are the stages of recruitment what are other alternative ways to get into consulting.

This Best Practice includes
1 CV, 1 presentation

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