PowerBI Competition - Win US150
Originally published: 05/08/2021 10:37
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PowerBI Competition - Win US150

Data Visualisation Competition (win $150) combining 2 data sets that enable discovery of an insightful narrative

This data visualisation competition is intended to provide participants with a few key challenges, namely:
1. Visualisation of a large data set that could potentially benefit from other tools beyond Excel.
2. Building a summarised visualisation with high information density but not analysis paralysis (deeper drillable insights ideally).
3. Preparing an insightful narrative on insight gained.

The data has been shaped (using our simulation skills) towards a narrative that has assumptions about career choices, health and some economic outcomes related to that narrative. It would be great if you can tell us about that narrative as part of using the visualisation.

The data comes from two different sources.
1. “University Data Processed.csv” shows the survey results for over 4 million university students with a mix of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate across ten different faculties. A ‘yes’ answer is represented by ‘1’, whereas a ’no’ is represented by ‘0’.
2. “University Questions.csv” shows the list of the 30 ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions categorised into three categories, such as:
- L1: Life, Health, and Science
- L2: Art, Music, and Social
- L3: Business, Career, and Politics

To complete the challenge, you will be required to do the following:
1. Visualise the data on a single page that enables the user to understand possible trends across different faculties and student grades to enable the extraction of useful insight.
2. Allow users to explore dynamically more granular details if they wish by faculty, survey question, student group etc
3. Accompany the visual with no more than half a page of written conclusions on #1above.

Good luck, may the best visualisation win!

Send all submissions to info@modelcitizn.com

This Best Practice includes
1. PDF instruction 2. 2x CSV data sources 3. Images for inspiration

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