Sheetbooks 2021 - Easy Bookkeeping
Originally published: 19/09/2020 09:09
Publication number: ELQ-56335-1
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Sheetbooks 2021 - Easy Bookkeeping

Sheetbooks 2021 version - Easy Bookkeeping & Accounting for Freelancers, Micro & Small Business


This is 2021 version, which support your bookkeeping for these fiscal period :
> 1 January 2021 - 31 December 2021
> 1 April 2021 - 31 March 2022
> 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2022


The easiest & most robust spreadsheet-based bookkeeping & accounting software for personal finance, freelancers, e-commerce sellers, micro & small business. Sheetbooks is equiped with integrated database, so all your bookkeeping task can be done in one place, including financial reports creation.

Sheetbooks is user friendly, giving you easy bookkeeping & accounting experience, without sacrificing the quality of the financial statements, because it's powered with smart & complex function & database at its back-end,

How We Define Easy Bookkeeping ?
1. Straight forward input. Simply input your debit & credit, then Sheetbooks will take care the data posting into ledger & subledger.
2. Have transactions in multiple currency ? don't worry, just input the numbers & Sheetbooks will take care the currency conversion.
3. Create your financial statements at any time with one button click.
4. With Sheetbooks, you can drill down the financial statements to its origin transactions just with simple click.
5. You can analyse your financial numbers by segment (example : by department, locations, projects, etc).
6. Need more custom reports ? no problem. Just double click the grand total financial statements, then re-pivot the numbers.
7. You can store the Sheetbooks file in your local drive, or cloud drive (such as google drive).

For each purchase, you will get 2 excel files & 1 pdf file inside the zip file :
1.Sheetbooks 2021.xlsm > sheetbooks live version
2.Sheetbooks - Demo.xlsm > sheetbooks demo version (your sandbox)
3.Hello Sheetbooks > this is the user guide


We recommend you to use the demo file (Sheetbooks - Demo.xlsm) first to get familiarize with Sheetbooks before using the live file (Sheetbooks 2021.xlsm). The demo file already packed with dummy transactions, so you can see Sheetbooks in action.

This Best Practice includes
1 Zip file contains 2 Excel files and 1 Pdf file

Acquire business license for $50.00

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Further information

Many freelancers, micro and small businesses still use Excel for bookkeeping. Many templates offer easiness but lack of reports quality, others offers good report quality but not user-firendly. Sheetbooks created to offer both user-friendliness and quality of the financial reports.

Sheetbooks is suitable for freelancers, micro and small business. Very suitable for non-finance person who wants to have financial reports with just a click of a button - literally.

Sheetbooks is not suitable for large business

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