Trade Tracker & Portfolio (Google Sheets Template)
Originally published: 14/09/2020 08:32
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Trade Tracker & Portfolio (Google Sheets Template)

This template will help you keep track of your trades and help visualize your portfolio performance

With this template you will be able to track your trading activities by easily adding your trades one by one and saving it to the template by a SAVE command. Tables and charts are provided to show portfolio performance in a clear and easy to understand format.

Google Sheets file is located in Google drive, and it will be copied to your google drive account.
If you would like to access your template through your smartphone, It's recommended that you install Google Sheet APK.

How to get your own copy of the model:
-Purchase/Download the MS word file "Trade_Tracker_&_Portfolio_GoogleSheet_Link_MakeMyCopy.docx" with access link.
-Click on the Link, a new window will pop-up. Or copy the link to your browser.
-Click on "Make a copy"
-You will have your own copy of the model in your google drive/google sheets.


Main Tab:
In this tab add your single trade information (Ticker, Buy/Sell, #Shares and Cost/Share) and click on save button to save the trade information. Once you add ticker of a stock, previous holding information, stock price information and chart will appear on this tab. This Tab also includes Pie Chart of Portfolio Allocation %.

Portfolio Tab:
This tab includes a table of portfolio sorted by %Gain. All trading activities of each stock is added up in this tab with total shares, average cost and gain/loss calculated. Performance charts are provided to show overall portfolio performance and per stock performance indicating total cost, Realized Gain/Loss and Unrealized Gain/Loss

Trading Summary:
Trade information added in main tab are saved here in RED text.
For removing previous trading information, remove red text columns (Column A, C, D and E) only in this tab.
This tab also includes calculation for average cost and gain/loss (exported to Portfolio tab)

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