3-way Financial Model with PowerBI visualisation including Google Analytics
Originally published: 13/04/2020 07:26
Publication number: ELQ-49658-1
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3-way Financial Model with PowerBI visualisation including Google Analytics

Excel with structured table export from 3-way model to PowerBI already transformed. Google Analytics Data included too.

This Excel structured export as well as the Google Analytics data in Excel is useful to help those wanting to fast track how to transform and visualise the data from 2 different sources namely Google Analytics and an Excel dump from either a reporting system or a financial model in table format.

The Google Analytics data is from the Google Demo client and then we have grown the data in-house to expand it for deeper analytics and for the ability to use the predicitive modelling capabilities within it.

The 3-way financial model export tab is useful if you are looking to connect your own financial model and analysis into the pre-designed and build visualisations.

This could save you hours of effort to tweak and update the visuals.

We have spent the past 12 months constantly improving and updating these visualisations for people to see the power and benefits of PowerBI.

We are also offering significant discounts during the time of the COVID19 virus. Use the discount code COVID60 to apply the discount to the price shown.

Be sure to watch the video to gain and understanding of the content available.

Each of the dashboards could be used for different business areas of the complete business.

From Executive level, Sales, Operations, Marketing, FP&A team and finance amongst others.

PowerBI is as powerful tool that enables reporting, like what has been shown here, to be refreshed and updated on a regular basis with a high degree of automation.

The dataset can simply expand vertically as more up to date information is available and the reports are updated in seconds using the embedded PowerQuery.

This means no more copy and pasting or having to re-create new dashboards each month end or reporting period.

This PowerBI file also uses some additional visualisations which are available from the App store market place, most notably is the info graphic manager which was used to develop a number of visuals.

Take care and be safe.

This Best Practice includes
1. PDF export 2. PowerBI file 3. Two Excel data files 4. Video explanation

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For education and internal uses within a business or finance function.

For connecting existing data into a pre-built PowerBI dashboard which allows the creating of automated management reporting across both financial and non-finance (digital marketing) contexts.

For resale purposes.

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