Lending Company Financial Model – 5 Year Forecast
Originally published: 28/03/2022 12:10
Last version published: 12/12/2023 09:24
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Lending Company Financial Model – 5 Year Forecast

Financial Model analyzing operations and performing valuation for a Lending Company.

Financial model presenting a business scenario of a corporation engaged in granting loans from its own capital funds or from funds sourced by investors. 
The model can be fully modified and applied to any type of lending company and its main purpose is to enable users to get into details of every step of the operating cycle and forecast 5 years of financials in order to reach an implied share price.
The model assumes that the company provides 4 different types of short term loans and it includes assumptions and calculations of Loan Terms, Loans Issued, Principal Loan Payments, Interest Rates & Interest Income, Loan Defaults, Dividends and Share Issuance, OpEx, Payroll and Capital Costs.
Outputs of the template include detailed Loan Analysis per Loan type, Cap Tables including 2 rounds of investment, Monthly Cash Flow per Year, Annual 5 Year Cash Flow Forecast, Dividend Discount Model including Valuation and Sensitivity Analysis, Investors Returns and company’s results are presented and summarized on a professional Executive Dashboard.
The structure of the template follows Financial Modeling Best Practices principles and is fully customizable. 

Model Structure:
• General Setup
The General Setup tab contains all the assumptions necessary for the overall functionality of the model including loan metrics (Loan Terms, Interest Rates, Closing Fees Rate, Capital Distribution, Default rates), Payroll, Opex, CapEx assumptions and valuation metrics used in the dividend discount model (cost of equity, Terminal P / TBV Multiple, etc.)

• Forecast Scenarios
Different Scenarios for key model factors for a 5 Year period
• Cap Tables 
Assumptions for business capital used to finance the issuance of loans using cap tables of 2 rounds of investment (initial investment and Series A round) and 4 investors (more can be added)

• Loans 
Calculation of 4 Types of Loans using advanced Cohort tables including Loans Issued, Principal Payments, Loan Balance, Interest Received and Loan Defaults per Loan Type.

• Monthly Cash Flow Budget 
A detailed analysis of business cash flow covering the total 60 months of the forecast

• Monthly Cash Flow per Year 
Presentation of Monthly Cash Flow Budget figures based on the forecast Year selection

• Annual 5 Year Cash Flow Forecast 
A roll up of the monthly cash flows into annual periods.

• Dividend Discount Model with Sensitivity Analysis 
Company's valuation using the dividend discount model method. The dividend discount model (DDM) is a quantitative method used for predicting the price of a company's stock based on the theory that its present-day price is worth the sum of all of its future dividend payments when discounted back to their present value.

• Investor Returns 
Calculation of the internal rate of return (IRR) and cash-on-cash (CoC) for each investor using different exit value scenarios.

• Performance Dashboard 
Presentation of key business figures using highly-sophisticated Charts & Graphs

• Executive Summary Report 
Company's high-level financial data and KPI's for review, designed to be easy to read, print, and save to pdf. 

Help & Support 

Committed to high quality and customer satisfaction, all our templates follow best practice financial modeling principles and are thoughtfully and carefully designed, keeping the user’s needs and comfort in mind.
No matter if you have no experience or you are well versed in finance, accounting, and the use of Microsoft Excel, our professional financial models are the right tools to boost your business operations!
If you however experience any difficulty while using this template and you are not able to find the appropriate guidance in the provided instructions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.
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Presents a business scenario of a corporation engaged in granting loans from its own capital funds or from funds sourced by investors.

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