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How to Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Your Business

This short video will show you how you can integrate Artificial Intelligence Technologies into your business

Lots of businesses are beginning to incorporate Artificial Intelligence Technologies into their framework, but they are struggling to see how it will fit in. This video will give you the key tools required to integrate these new technologies into the framework of your business.

Raj sets out his vision for how he believes Artificial Intelligence can drive business, showing just how powerful a tool it can be. Raj breaks down the process of integrating AI into your business into 3 key stages. These stages are: Explore, Engage and Enable. This first point of this plan will enable you to define what stage your business is at, identify the business problems that AI technologies could solve and ultimately establish an AI environment within your business. Then you will test these new processes among your customer base to establish the eventual possibilities and benefits that AI could bring to your business.

The next step will allow you to formalise and impliment the use of AI in your business. With your successful AI prototypes you will then be able to experiment with other business problems that you may face, allowing you to expand the influence of AI within your business. This stage will also give you the opportunity to see how AI can work with other business technologies like blockchain and VR.

In the third process, AI will become part of your business' DNA. Raj suggests that you must clarify your business goals and strategies, which may have changed due to the implementation of AI. You must also build strong integration for AI with your other business technologies, and not see AI as a sole solution. Finally, Raj emphasises that you must ensure the education of your staff in the concept of AI to ensure they adapt to the implementation of these new technologies. Your business must be ready to adapt and change as it implements the use of AI technologies.

Ultimately, this video will help you to implement new Artificial Intelligence Technologies into your business and help you to move your business forward.

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