Month End Accounting Task Calendar
Originally published: 30/01/2020 11:01
Publication number: ELQ-93946-1
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Month End Accounting Task Calendar

Boost productivity by staying on top of your tasks. Keeping organized is easy with this intuitive and interactive tool!

An Accounting closing task calendar that helps you and/or your staff stay motivated, organized, and on-target in a fun and aesthetic way!

This template calculates both tasks completed as well as tasks remaining. These calculations are based on the number of check marks activated. This combines all in one, a calendar, task list and time manager and motivator.

List tasks on a separate tab, and they will show up on the calendar in a drop down. Check them off as you complete them, and the gauge will update the percentage of tasks completed. The calendar resets to any month or year with the drop down boxes. All calendars sync to any month or year selected.

Management, owners, bankers and investors rely on timely financial statements to make informed decisions. It is critical for financial leaders to gauge progress, budget time, and reallocate resources as needed to ensure that financial statements are produced accurately and timely. Organization is key to achieving your desired results.

This template also ensures that no tasks are missed, and indicates that all tasks are not complete until the gauge hits 100%. The result is timely financial statements, no missed deadlines, less stress at the end of the month, and more fun!

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  • Ahmed Abousamra(last updated: 31/10/2020 15:32)

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  • Nikhil Mittal
    Do you have a google sheets version?
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    • jwalsh
      Step 2 says follow the methodology step by step. Where do I access the methodology?
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      • Steve Lindsey
        Hi and thank you! The second tab {Task List} has the only input needed. Just type in any task you want to accomplish for the month.

        The next step is to go to the calendar. Go to the day when want to set the task. The cells will have drop downs where you can select any of the tasks from the Task List tab.

        As you complete a task, there is a drop down to the cell right of the task where you can select, with a dropdown "Complete".

        The calendar's gauges do all of the rest, as it calculates based off of number of tasks selected and number of checks marked "Complete"

        Have fun watching yourself stay on track!
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