9 tips to protect your project data
Originally published: 31/01/2020 11:36
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9 tips to protect your project data

PDF article outlining the best practices for protecting your project data

Are you worried about your project data being hacked? Worry no more. Find out how to protect your data using the following 9 tips.

Cyber-criminality continues to wreak havoc and hackers strive to trick internet users and businesses.

According to a survey carried out by the CESIN (Club of Experts in Data and Security Information) in November and December of 2018, 8 companies in 10 were affected by cyberattacks. Phishing mails are the most frequent form of cyber-attack.
Given these risks, how can you ensure the protection of your projects when the threat of cybercrime is ever present?

Here are 9 tips that every project leader should take on board to better protect their project data.
1. Install antivirus software and a fire-wall
2. Back-up your data regularly
3. Regularly update your software
4. Use end to end encryption
5. Secure your Wifi network
6. Protect your mobile devices
7. Monitor for unusual activity
8. Work with stakeholders in compliance with GDPR
9. Train your employees

Take a look at our article for more details on these best practices.

If you wish to reach out to us, feel free to do so via our Wimi Eloquens channel or start a discussion below.

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