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Excel Financial Modelling Course

Financial modelling using different scenarios to create robust structure, report setup, to create Excel magic.

This online course focuses on the skills and techniques required to construct financial models. Spreadsheet models are used in budgeting, forecasting, business analysis and capital budgeting and being able to construct financial models in a robust a repeatable way. This subject will cover model construction, assumptions, advanced excel functionality, error trapping, sensitivity analysis, presentation of model output and tips and tricks. Videos include:Excel Short CutsBudgeting in ExcelAdvanced Financial Modelling TechniquesBottom Up BudgetingForecasting Development Using ExcelCharting for Trend AnalysisActivity Based Costing in ExcelDCF Modelling in ExcelFIFO Using ExcelWhat IF Analysis Using ExcelEssential Formulas in Excel Project Costing Model in ExcelThe course will show you how to build flexible, pliable models working through a range of real scenarios so you can apply your learning directly to your job. Excel financial modelling involves designing and building calculations to assist in decision making. Learning how to build models with complexity in an accurate, robust and transparent way is an essential skill in the modern workplace. The course will leave you with the skills to generate your own reports with a very clear idea of how to structure a financial report so it has maximum flexibility.This Excel training course is suitable for those who work on Excel and who want to become familiar with and master the Excel tools, formulas and functions necessary for building effective robust flexible financial models.

This Best Practice includes
12 Videos (12 hours) + 11 Excel Files

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