How to Write an Investor Pitch
Originally published: 16/01/2018 15:02
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How to Write an Investor Pitch

This how-to methodology outlines the do's and don't of writing an investor pitch.

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    Documentation aside, what are the best ways for an SME owner to prepare for making a pitch?

    Know your numbers: Make sure you know all your numbers by heart, whether it is market stats like market size, growth etc… or internal numbers like burn rate, daily active users, etc…

    Tell a compelling story: The pitch should gel together as a coherent story. Where it starts with a problem, solution, this translates to revenue, and requires capital to achieve. Ideally add some personal anecdotes to make it more relatable and personal

    Speak the VC’s lingo: Make sure you know the main acronyms they might use like ROI, IRR, KPI, etc… no need to be a financial expert but just high level terms plus most terms associated with your industry like DAU, CAC, LTV etc… if in the tech space

    Rehears the pitch: Don’t just go in and wing it, practice the pitch with friends and family. Often points that seem obvious to you might be confusing to others. Even Steve Jobs used to rehears for days before presentations so no shame in that

    Connect personally with the investors: Research the people you are meeting, see if you have things in common like common friends, same universities etc… it will help them relate better to you and makes the experience much more personal so it doesn’t seem transactional

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