Excel Dashboard For Cost of Construction and Software Projects
Originally published: 10/06/2022 11:04
Last version published: 03/10/2022 09:17
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Excel Dashboard For Cost of Construction and Software Projects

Excel Dashboard For Cost of Construction and Software Projects

You will learn 
- Most popular KPIs at Project Management which are related (Cost Knowledge Area)
• Cost Performance Indicator CPI
• Cost variances CV
• Earned Value EV
• Planned Value PV
• Estimated at Completion EAC
• Estimated To Completion ETC
• Variance At Completion VAC
• Budget At Completion BAC
- Cost Accounting Cycle and Definitions
• Direct & Indirect Cost
• Percentage of Completion POC Implementation for Project Management & Cost Accounting
• Material On Site Treatment with ERP System and without
• Backlog
• Payment Certificates (Client Invoices)
• Budgeting & Estimation
• Operational Profit Margin OPM & Gross Profit Margin GPM
• Finance Cost Definition

- Cash Conversion Cycle or Working Capital Funding Gap (WCFG)
• Accounts Receivable Turnover - AR Days
• Accounts Payable Turnover - AP Days
- Coding & Supported Sheets
• Cost Centers & Internal Codes
• Cost Breakdown
• Contract Details & Change Orders Tracking
• Accumulated Payment Certificates and Details for each Invoice
• Additions and Deductions
• Validation
- Create Profit Or Loss Statement (P/L)
• P/L for Each Project
• Consolidated Profit or Loss Statement for All Projects
- Dynamic Dashboard
• Quick views into key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
• Visual Representation of Projects
• Relevant Data only to the Dashboard Objective.
• Predefined Conclusions for the stakeholders .
• Graphs, Pie Charts etc.
• Excel Complicated Functions
This is for
- Project Managers & CFOs
- Accountants at Construction and software companies
- Cost Control Engineers
- Cost Accountant
- Budgeting and planning Team

This Best Practice includes
Excel Dashboard For Cost of Construction and software Projects

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