Overview of the Team Maturity Index
Originally published: 01/06/2022 09:23
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Overview of the Team Maturity Index

The Team Maturity Index (TMI) is an OrgCMF™; Team Reference Model, Body of Knowledge & Capability Maturity Assessments, which guide Individuals and Teams.

For an organisations stakeholders remote work and virtual teamwork, frequently involves new work and a new team(s). The fundamental principles of Team Development and Effectiveness remain the same, however even with the same Team Charter and Team members there are subtle changes that unrecognised and unsupported will lead to a degradation in team effectiveness. There are three core Dynamics (Forces) at play for any Team.
• Organisation Performance (Value Chain) o How effective is the organisation in engaging and enabling teams achieve high performance contribution to the organisations value creation?
• Team Performance (Process) o How effective is the team (are teams) in organising and working which delivers high performance for their team function/role?
• Individual Performance (Practices) o How well do individuals achieve their potential working within a team that delivers high performance?.
There are a great many tools and techniques out there for Team & Team Member development such as Tuckman’s; Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Belbin Model and others but they are most effective when facilitated by a qualified professional in a face to face physical scenario ideally before the change rather than after the change.
That said the Team Maturity Index (TMI) a reference model from the Organisation Capability Maturity Framework, and is underpinned by Dynamic Systems Maturity Theory. It is a practical and efficient approach to addressing the three core Dynamics for Virtual team Stakeholders: ‘Organisation’, ‘Team’ & ‘Team Members’.
This Next Generation Team Capability Maturity Reference Model provides a complete Body of Knowledge, and Capability Maturity Assessment and Improvement guidance, for all 6 ‘Constructs’ (Capability Building Blocks) for each of the Three core Team Dynamics (Forces).

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