Effective Body Language for Public Speaking
Originally published: 26/03/2018 14:44
Publication number: ELQ-21798-1
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Effective Body Language for Public Speaking

This video will help you to learn the key features of great body language for confident public speaking.

During a presentation, your audience doesn't just focus on what you are saying, they focus on how you say it and how you deliver your message. As such, the way in which you present, and your body language, are absolutely essential to an effective speech or presentation.

Matt breaks this down into three key features:

- How you use your body
- Hand gestures
- Eye contact

These three key features are then adapted to analyse how these differ when seated, and also when doing an online presentation.

Firstly, Matt analyses how you should hold yourself during a presentation. He suggests that nervous speakers make themselves small and retreat from their audience. These tips will help you to present in a balanced way, with good, positive, posture.

Next, Matt demonstrates how you can use your hands and gestures to engage your audience. Your gestures should be above the waist and extended beyond your shoulders. Furthermore, Matt gives tips about how you should use your hands when not gesturing in order to look the most confident.

The next step focuses on eye contact. This will show you how to spread your eye contact around your audience. Matt also demonstrates how you can move around during your presentation in order to appear confident and welcoming. This will also show you how to use your body when transitioning between points.

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