The MoSCoW Method : Simple task prioritisation in a project
Originally published: 29/01/2020 14:55
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The MoSCoW Method : Simple task prioritisation in a project

PDF article outlining the MoSCoW method and how to integrate this to your own task management methods.

Are you constantly worrying that you won't finish a task in time? This method will allow you to prioritise your most important tasks and better manage your time.

Dani Clegg, consultant at Oracle UK, invented the MoSCoW Method in 1994.
When you are managing a project, you should know the demands and priorities of your customer. The MoSCoW Method helps you to know what you must do first, what you should do later and what you do not need to do.

The capital letters of the MoSCoW acronym correspond to four categories:
* M for Must Have (vital) : these tasks are indispensable to the success of the project. They should therefore be carried out first and this is non-negotiable.
* S for Should have (essential) : this categories regroups the important tasks to carry out after the “Must have” tasks are finished. They bring a real added value to the project and contribute to reaching objectives, but unlike the ‘Must haves’, they can deferred in time.
* C for Could have (comfort) : these are the comfort tasks that will be accomplished as long as it is possible, if there is time once the tasks from the first two categories are finished. Their carrying out should not affect the other tasks.
* W for Won’t have but would like in the future (luxury) : these are the secondary tasks that we would like to carry out one day, but which we leave aside for now, due to lack of budget and/or lack of time.

Find out how to apply the method, as well as the advantages and limitations.

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