Acquisition Excel Model
Originally published: 18/05/2019 08:33
Last version published: 27/05/2022 10:03
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Acquisition Excel Model

A model to help plan and determine outcomes of acquiring different businesses

This model is currently being used by my fund to evaluate acquisition opportunities as they are discovered. Whether you are looking a purchasing a small side project or a full time business you will want to understand the likely outcomes as well as the cash needed to make the purchase and run the business.Buying a business is a costly endeavor in terms of time and money. knowing what to expect from it over the years is a vital part of the decision making process that you don't want overlook. This tool includes: 1) A backlog of available opportunities 2) Monthly Loan payment calculations 3) Monthly Cash needs calculations 4) Expected dividends and income on a % ownership basis 5) 10 year time horizon 6) Easy comparison between multiple opportunities 7) Easy to use sensitivity Analysis on key variables (interest rates, down payments, etc.) 8) Built in Links to a knowledge base of Finance/Accounting concepts to help you develop your skills 9) Rate of Return calculations and explanations to help you make the best decision possible10) Variable acquisition and sale dates to allow for any scenarioThe model has been built to be extremely simple to use while offering maximal flexibility and analysis.

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To help determine the best business acquisition and loan terms

If you are looking at a business or multiple businesses to acquire and trying to understand potential outcomes and returns

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