Calculation of Depreciation & Amortization from Capex Excel Model
Originally published: 30/08/2019 13:04
Last version published: 13/04/2020 09:23
Publication number: ELQ-70002-3
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Calculation of Depreciation & Amortization from Capex Excel Model

Tool to calculate Depreciation and Amortization (D&A) from Capex using the straight line method

This tool will allow you to enter past or forecast capex on a monthly basis and will let you know how much Depreciation and Amortization will hit your P&L each month. This tool has been built based on the assumption that only the straight line method is used. You can choose the lifetime of each asset group to be able to use the tool on different asset categories.

The model will then compute for each asset category and for each month the amount of Depreciation to record to the P&L. An aggregate number (which is the sum of the D&A of all asset class for a given month) is highlighted in blue in the model. This is the number you're looking for.
The model has initially been built for a period of 3 years (36 months) but can be easily extended. It can also be turned into a model on a yearly basis by replacing the month denomination by years.
You can also personalise the starting date.

If you need more asset classes, the model should be easily expandable by replicating the formulas.
Please do not hesitate to reach out if you struggle with the model.
Happy analysis!

Pierre-Alexandre Heurtebize

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