Cryptocurrency Portfolio Excel Tracker
Originally published: 23/02/2018 10:15
Publication number: ELQ-23503-1
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Cryptocurrency Portfolio Excel Tracker

Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool, allowing you to keep track of all your different cryptocurrency investments

This tool, along with its video methodology, will give you the ability to easily track and monitor your cryptocurrency investments. In an incredibly volatile cryptocurrency market, it is absolutely essential to be able to keep track of all your cryptocurrency investments and their progress.

This is Anders' personal template, which is updated daily, but you can personalise the tool to reflect and track your own investments. The incredibly detailed first tab of this tool offers an in-depth analysis of all of your investments. You will be able to document your 'cryptojourney' from its start date, allowing you to easily identify and analyse your progress. This overview page will break down each of your cryptocurrency investments and ICO's into detailed analysism showing your profit to date, withdrawn profit, your daily average profit and your daily progress on each individual cryptocurrency. This input data is then constructed into a useful chart which will allow you to easily keep tabs on where all of your cryptocurrency investments lie. Another table offers the opportunity to monitor your weekly progress, creating another useful graph which will compare the performance of each of your investments. Ultimately, this tool will give you the simple means to evaluate the performance of your cryptocurrency wallet and help you decide future strategy.

This tool also offers the opportunity to track many different kinds of cryptocurrency from Hextracoin and Bitcoin to Lendconnect and USI-TECH, making this tool extremely versatile and adaptable to your situation. The following tabs will then give you an extremely detailed insight into each of your individual cryptocurrency's performance on a day by day basis in terms of its profit and growth.

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