Strategy Plan Template
Originally published: 19/02/2018 16:34
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Strategy Plan Template

Simple Strategy Planning template, allowing you to establish your vision, values, focus areas and your goals.

This step-by-step, tab by tab Excel template will help you simply identify and outline the key aspects needed to make a proficient strategy plan for your business.

The template breaks down the strategic planning process into the key areas of your strategic plan, tab by tab. This allows you to identify your business' vision, values, focus areas, goal types, units, organisational goals and plan and an automatically generated plan output.

Therefore, the often complex area of strategic planning is broken down into several simple steps, giving you a clear and elegant strategic plan for your business. When creating a strategic plan, it is essential that you first identify your business' overall vision, its values and areas in which it needs to focus. In doing so, this helps you analyse the current state of your business and develop a series of attainable objectives. Thus, this tool will enable you to create a clear plan and vision for your business' future, which can be easily followed by all of your staff.

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