How to be successful with your project launch
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How to be successful with your project launch

This Best Practice provides you with 8 key steps to success with your project launch.


That’s right, you have been appointed as a project manager for a brand new project👇🏻👨🏻‍💼. You are delighted and full of enthusiasm towards the idea of plunging into a new challenge😁.
Managing a project from A to Z is a true adventure that will bring you some great experience both in the professional and personal field👣. Nevertheless, in order to prevent this adventure from leading to a catastrophe, the launch of a project is a very important stage that should be carefully prepared✍🏼..

How to succeed with your project launch?

1. Define an objective🧠
2. Establish a list of tasks and a plan✍🏼
3. Set a budget💰
4. Identify potential risks📊
5. Choose a performing team📈
6. Promote team integration🤝
7. Adopt efficient tools📲
8. Organise a launch-of-the-project meeting🗣

It is essential to start on a healthy and solid foundation, and to create positive dynamics, which you will follow throughout your project. Follow these 8 key steps to succeed in launching your project✅.

  • Step n°1 |

    Define an objective🧠

    A project responds to a precise objective. For your entire team to work towards the accomplishment of this final objective, you should define it as clearly as possible. In order to achieve it, make use of the method SMART💡:

    • S for specific: define your objective in a clear and simple way; make sure that it is comprehensive for everyone,
    • M for measurable: you should be able to measure the progress of your project by using the KPI tools,
    • A for acceptable and ambitious: the objective to be achieved should be motivating the team. It should stand stand up to the challenge without being impossible to attain. In a word, you should be sensible but ambitious.
    • R for realistic: take into account your different constrains (budget, deadlines, resources, etc.) and set a realistic goal.
    • T for time-defined: it is imperative to define a target day by which the objective must be reached.

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  • Step n°2 |

    Establish a list of tasks and a plan✍🏼

    Once you have defined a precise objective, you should develop your action plan with a view to achieving it💪🏽. This includes dividing the project into milestones and tasks, that are assigned to various stages, each of which has an objective to reach that will progressively lead to the accomplishment of your final goal🚩. Do not hesitate to look for help so as to make sure that no task gets forgotten.

    Once you have got a list of all tasks that are necessary to carry out your project, you should define a list of priorities with your client. This means ranking the tasks by their importance and urgency (you can make use of the Eisenhower’s matrix)✔️.

    Then, plan the conduct of the project with its milestones and tasks to meet expected deadlines. Be flexible, leave some leeway and do not hesitate to review regularly your planning as you will inevitably confront some unexpected events or problems that may affect your plan.

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