Liquidity Management for Management Consultants & Managers
Originally published: 02/11/2020 20:41
Publication number: ELQ-44019-1
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Liquidity Management for Management Consultants & Managers

A practical guides showing how to improve your cash position, liquidity

Many companies despite having profits still have problems with cash. In other words, they have to improve their liquidity. This topic is not widely discussed and a few management consultants as well as managers know how to do it in practice. Therefore, more companies die because of problems with liquidity than due to low profits. Luckily, there are a lot of techniques that will help you in a structured way to look for ways to generate more cash from the business.
In this presentation, I will show you different methods that you can use to improve the cash position of your business. You will learn the following things:
1. How to identify potential ways to improve your liquidity, especially quick wins
2. How to estimate in Excel how much cash you can generate from a specific solution
3. How to pick the optimal solution
4. How to prevent the firm from going bankrupt due to liquidity problems
You will learn here how to cut costs, reduce inventory, reduce receivables, improve payables, and restructure debt, and many more:
We have put in the presentation frameworks along with some practical tips that will help you deal with different problems, when it comes to cash improvement

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