Highly Customizable Enterprise SaaS Financial Model
Originally published: 22/10/2020 06:48
Publication number: ELQ-30589-1
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Highly Customizable Enterprise SaaS Financial Model

Customizable Enterprise SaaS Financial Model in Microsoft Excel for Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Investors.

I've built over 100 model for enterprise SaaS companies of all stages and sizes. This is my most tunable model that works best for quickly modeling a variety of scenarios and can be used to pitch angels and venture capitalists.

The model has 4 key elements, including: 1) a sales productivity sheet which models the productivity ramps of existing and new sales hires, 2) a complete customer rollout, with customizable retention ratios and pricing by cohorts, 3) one of the most thorough and customizable expense sections which allows you to model various expenses in relation to a variety of drivers, including revenue, headcount and other key economic drivers of expense and 4) a simple set of toggles to model cash flow (customer payment terms by cohort).

The model simply summarizes all of the key financials and metrics and has very user friendly navigation panels to quickly move from tab to tab while keeping the model in 'presenter mode' (hiding all of the tabs which is often useful when showing investors). Said more succinctly, it's the fastest way to build a robust and investor-tested enterprise SaaS model on the planet, and I know, because I tried them all out before building my own.

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