Evaluating Financial Performance and Forecasting
Originally published: 22/07/2016 12:06
Last version published: 22/10/2016 14:41
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Evaluating Financial Performance and Forecasting

Set of worksheets related to financial analysis and forecasting

This model is designed To illustrate concepts related to financial analysis and forecasting. The financial analysis uses a combination of ratios and industry averages to evaluate the financial performance of the company. Trend line graphs are also generated, comparing the company's performance with the industry averages.Finally, the historical information is used to prepare a set of pro forma financial statements using both linear and non-linear functions.

You will need to collect financial statements for several reporting periods. If you want to benchmark the performance against the industry, then you will also need to collect industry averages. The spreadsheet is setup to capture five reporting periods (annual, quarterly, monthly). All input fields are highlighted in yellow.
For best results, SEC Filings are suggested since these reports provide more detail than published financial statements.

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Further information

This spreadsheet uses certain financial functions (such as =TREND) which might not be found in your version of Microsoft Excel. To take full advantage of financial and statistical functions, you should install the Add On package titled: Analysis ToolPack.

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