How to Create a Restaurant Budget in 5 Minutes with Rest-O-Sim [Free App]
Originally published: 17/05/2021 20:56
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How to Create a Restaurant Budget in 5 Minutes with Rest-O-Sim [Free App]

Starting a restaurant or coffee shop? Then check out Rest-O-Sim for free!

Rest-O-Sim can help you to transform your restaurant idea into a simple but interactive financial model. It is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to start a restaurant business.

Enter your data by moving sliders and develop your best business plan.

The following are the variants you can use to create your restaurant budget:

1) Opening days: Select between 1 and 7 days.

2) Customers per day: How many customers do you think you can win per day?

3) Sales per customer: How much money will each customer spend on average?

4) Cost of goods: COGS is one of the most important costs in a restaurant business. The benchmark is 25 to 35 % of sales.

5) Personnel costs: Enter the average costs of one employee and the number of employees. Check or uncheck a box to determine, whether you work full time in your business. This influences sales per employee, which is an important key performance indicator.

6) Monthly rent: Enter the amount of rent for the restaurant.

7) Other fixed costs: Determine other fixed costs in percent. Benchmark is 18 to 25 % of sales.

The app is web-based and runs on any browser, mobile, and desktop.

Direct Link to Rest-O-Sim:

Enjoy the easiest way to set up a restaurant budget!

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