Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement Template
Originally published: 05/12/2017 15:49
Publication number: ELQ-45110-1
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Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement Template

An easily amendable template to provide a legally binding contract between 2 or more parties. Guidance Notes included.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legally bound contract between two or more parties that details the terms and conditions of aspects such as confidentiality, or any information that the parties want to share with each other, but not with third parties.

A lot of unnecessary time and resources get spent on NDAs, therefore Investment Property Forum have established a Working Group that has created a standard NDA form that is easily adaptable with very little amendments. With this template are some guidance notes that will aid you in filling out the NDA form.

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This Best Practice includes
1 Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Template and 1 Guidance Notes

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