Simple Trading Comps Excel Model Template + Instructions
Originally published: 15/06/2018 11:42
Publication number: ELQ-30901-1
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Simple Trading Comps Excel Model Template + Instructions

Excel training model for Trading Comparables

This Excel training model will teach you how to build the most common model in investment banking: the trading comparables model.

This is the perfect tool for any aspiring investment banking analyst or financial modeler, as this is the model you will most likely be asked to build.

This training model is accompanied by two walk through videos, which detail how to use the models and how to build your own trading comps model.

This model will help you to construct an anlysis of several different companies based on different factors:

- Market Capitalization
- Enteprise Value
- Revenues

This will also help you to construct a yearly forecast for each business' financial performance.

This model and video tutorial will give you the key fundamentals of investment banking financial modeling. This will highlight some of the key ideas, problems and technicalities of comps modeling.

This Best Practice includes
1 excel spreadsheet

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