• Learn JavaScript in Half an Hour (Without jQuery!)
  • Learn JavaScript in Half an Hour (Without jQuery!)
  • Learn JavaScript in Half an Hour (Without jQuery!)
Originally published: 07/03/2018 15:57
Publication number: ELQ-67690-1
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Learn JavaScript in Half an Hour (Without jQuery!)

This video will teach you the very basics of JavaScript without jQuery!

There's no pre-requisite knowledge required here, other than maybe an ounce of HTML, and an ounce or two of CSS.

The tutorial starts with a bare HTML file with a bit of CSS applied to it, which means you can start with a bare HTML file on your computer and follow along. Before jumping to his text editor, the video begins by writing a bit of JavaScript directly in the web browser. To do that, you simply right click anywhere on the page, click inspect, which opens your developer tools. You then click on the console tab. Pretty much every modern web browser will have these same developer tool features. From this console screen, you can begin typing or writing JavaScript.

Watch this video to follow along and learn how to write JavaScript.

Length: 31 minutes 51 seconds

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