Sales Pitch Deck Guidelines
Originally published: 16/06/2017 15:44
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Sales Pitch Deck Guidelines

Here’s the ultimate cheat sheet for a winning Sales Deck

Having worked 14+ years writing hundreds of Sales Decks, I decided to at last share the winning formula.

This deck is actually fairly similar to an investor pitch deck as there is a specific "narrative" which is a framework which works just fine!

I imagine you have already had a time when you went shopping and finished buying much more than you initially expected to. This means, you most likely met a REALLY good salesperson. And on the contrary to common beliefs, being good in Sales DOES NOT mean being pushy. Pushing will make the customer back off. So what did that salesperson actually carry out for you to buy so much from him?

Well, they simply listened. They listened to:
- what you wanted
- what you did not want
- your body language

+ EMPATHIZED meaning that you felt understood. This means that they could work with you like clay and build the right sales pitch to you.

The gist of all this is to listen in an authentic way. Lip service does not work!

The PPT file is attached in this tool, so you may customize it to your organization.

Hope this was helpful.

Contact me through the discussion feed if you have any further questions or need any more support!

-Donna Griffit

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Further information

The objectives being for you to understand and frame the "listeners questions":

- Do you Understand my Need?
- How Does Your Solution Benefit my Need?
- How Does it Work?
- How has it Benefitted others like me?
- If I'm Interested - How do I Move Forward?

Simple no? If you can answer these questions in this specific order, you are most likely to get a sale.

In the attached deck format, I have boiled it down to 4 parts:

1/ The Need
2/ The Solution
3/ Business Data
4/ Vision for the Future

Then, if pertinent, wrap up with your biggest value proposition!

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